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GRAMOFONU = voice of the Universe - press release
(datum: 17.12.2010)

GRAMOFONU = voice of the Universe is the first meeting of two improvising acts, Prague-based turntable & 8mm band Birds Build Nests Underground and Italian psychedelic trubadours My Cat Is An Alien. Two different approaches to music make a sound that takes both from the unknown realms of the outer space and from the somehow-well-known world of old cracking records and the music and sounds on them.

Birds Build Nests Underground provided some of their live improvisations, My Cat Is An Alien then chose those close to their hearts and laced them with sounds of guitars, space toys & ray guns, wordless singing and alientronics. Never has music of the spheres crackled so nicely. As if the whole galaxy lies on a giant turntable…

The record starts with an exciting, extatic and excellent improvised speech by a Czech avantgarde poet Vítězslav Nezval who sees the whole world through his glass and the glass in the window of a recording studio.

The album is released in a limited edition of 300 pieces, 90 of them come with an insert. Cover art by Roberto Opalio.

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