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Night Night press release
(datum: 14.12.2007)

Prague-based turntablist duo BIRDS BUILD NESTS UNDERGROUND (Petr Ferenc and Michal Brunclík) creates music based on putting the sounds from crackling vinyl records into new situations. Prepared and manipulated LPs are sources of fragments and soundscapes; their future use is influenced only by aesthetic point of view. Birds Build Nests Underground are not a post-modern project searching for pop-cultural references and quotes, thein aim is to write beautiful, somehow mysteriously familiar songs. They call they approach MUSIC UNDER MUSIC – exploring the detail through the microscope of repetition and speed change.

BIRDS BUILD NESTS UNDERGROUND played their first concert in 2003, since then they have played in numerous festivals of industrial, noise, contemporary music and urban electronics (Stimul, Alternativa, Prague industrial festival, Art’s Birthday, Noise NoD etc…). They have contributed to various compilations, written music for two films by American director Joseph Cahill and for a theatre performance Silence – No Technology. Since 2007 the duo has collaborated with a film-maker Martin Ježek whose manipulation with 8mm film footage ön two projectors is close to BBNU’s analogue aesthetic and searching for the charm of found elements.

BBNU’s debut album Night Night was recorded in 2005 and is released as a 12-inch vinyl in numbered edition of 333 on the band’s own label Love Nest. Two of the four compositions are soundtracks for Joseph Cahill’s silent films. Hospital section was created in collaboration with Prague-based noise project Seismic Wave Factory.