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So As review from Vital Weekly 838
(datum: 11.7.2012)

Birds Build Nests Underground (BBNU) started as a duo in 2003 in Prague and the main goal was to create music with old and broken records. Later the turntablists Petr Ferenc and Michal Brunclik started to cooperate with Martin Ježek, who is now responsible for the images of BBNU. The trio is working now in the field of found sound and vision and they work with a double DJ set, 8 mm, 16 mm, 35 mm and KP8 film and slide projectors. The trio doesn't want to be an ordinary DJ/VJ group who create a nice party, but they want to discover and present pure sound and images. The concerts are a interaction between sound and vision. The CD So As is their latest CD after three years and is released by the Polish label Lumberton Trading Company.The CD has four tracks and one short movie of ten minutes which is registration of part of a concert in 2011.that was the day Freddy Mercury died. The movie is a nice combination of home movies and parts of some official movies. The images are well edited together and flow into a melting pot of nostalgic moments. The first track started a jazz-based composition with a lot of horns and trumpets and flows into a rhythm track. I do not know how they manipulate the old records, but is like a drum band is playing. The second track "Ossifying Tonques" is one the most surprising tracks of this year. It starts like the old opera "Einstein on the Beach"of Philip Glass and moves into a industrial vicious beat. Great piece of music and nice combination of different atmospheres. "Axe Loop" is like an anxious walk though different corridors of a hotel and the last track "Smoking Sun" is like a sweet lullaby which will introduce a subtile nightmare. Beautiful album with very creative use of recycling music. (JKH)