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Cold Dreams review from Vital Weekly
(datum: 23.6.2009)

Behind Birds Build Nests Underground we find Michal Brunclik and Petr Ferenc, who are armed with a bunch turntables, vinyl records and loops create their work 'Cold Dreams'. It takes a while before I realized that they use vinyl only, which was nice, but somewhere around the ten minute mark things dawned on me. That's not bad, since I must admit I am not the biggest lover of works like this. Even when I like the music itself, I keep thinking: well, this is made with sounds other people have produced in the first place. I think Birds Build Nests Underground do a nice job, sometimes it stays a bit too long in a loop, and some of the fades are a bit crude, but its nice enough though. More the kind of stuff you should witness in an intimate setting in a small concert space, rather than play at home, I think. Which makes me wonder why people actually release music like this. (Frans de Waard)

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