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PRAHA: kolsk 28
datum: 8 June 2012

Mario de Vega and Victor Mazón + Petr Ferenc: vomit cut–up karaoke & unstable systems

FRI, JUNE 8, 2012, 19:00

A concert of two mediaartists from Spain and Mexico Victor Mazon and Mario de Vega is part of the Botana Mexicana Festival organized by Exchange Committee MEX-CZ. Through actions, objects and electronic devices, de Vega´s work explores relations between sound materiality and dislocated information. Victor Mazon´s artistic practice is defined between the experimentation and materialization of concepts as physical objects reacting to its native environment through unstable arrangements. A guest/support act,  Petr Ferenc is going to hgkcaj a hjbcfljb a v hflychvbfkx agc d vy klnkalvc glhl kchvfkax, f\agxdcvjVDKA  HGFXK CGFBXLAFN HCVKY SBCFS V hfclxvjhgcosl hgclkxhgsln jldjhgc yjgcdyafhx fmb hsfkcbfcl hrsflk jdfvblsa 4637b using 4 Chinese cassette players.

Botana Mexicana is an independent production project of Exchange Committee MEX-CZ runned by artists, in this occasion they collaborate with Theater NOD, Divus, Skolska, Jedefrau, Handa Gote, IIM, Mexican Embassy-Foreign Affairs Secretariat, National Coordination of Dance of Mexico, National Fund for Culture and Art of Mexico and Teatro Línea de Sombra. The first edition of Exchange Committee took place in 2010 in collaboration with Change/Exchange HoME o.s. and with the participation of 17 artists from different countries, it was presented in Meet Factory Gallery, Prague and Museo Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City.

entry fee: 100 / 80 K

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