Autumn Blood (Constructions)

Tracks: 01) Lawrence English - Inside From Above
02) Peter Christopherson - All Possible Numbers
03) Birds Build Nests Underground - St.Wave
04) Steven Severin - Sleepercell
05) Volga - Raining
06) Theme - Nothing Here
07) Andrew Liles - It's Been So Long Now I'm Fucked If I Know
08) Zenial / Banabila - Factories From The Sky
09) Formication - Sows Air And The Dream Of The Heart Star
10) Sion Orgon - Reverse Engineer
11) Human Greed (with LeeDVD) - Moonsuite IV: Dalkeith's Next Top Model
12) Colin Potter - Never Underestimate The Power Of Nothing
Label: Lumberton Trading Company
Country: UK / Poland
Catalogue: LUMB012
Format: CD
Date: September 2009
Sleeve Notes: A compilation dedicated to some of the gentlemen and ladies who have so far found themselves joining Lumberton Trading Company for a sherry or two...

Autumn Blood (Constructions) is dedicated to several artists who have so far graced Lumberton Trading Company with their presence, plus a few affiliates whose work is appropriate for this collection.