Title Year Format Notes
Kiss 2012 cassette
So As 2012 CD
GRAMOFONU = voice of the Universe 2010 12-inch LP BBNU & MCIAA
Bohnice, Babí léto, scéna Polí5 2010 CD Birds Build Nests Underground / RUiNU
The Mumps Reflections 2010 CDR Birds Build Nests Underground / Aranos
Cold Dreams 2009 CDR
Night Night 2007 12-inch vinyl

Compliation appearances

Title Year Format Notes
Autumn Blood (Constructions) 2009 CD a compilation of Lumberton Trading Company
Silence - No Technology 2007 2 x CDR David Freudl / Karaoke Tundra / Tomáš Procházka / Birds Build Nests Underground
Ticho buď 2007 CD A CD bonus to His Voice magazine 6/2007
Alternativa 2005 2005 CDR Promo only

Film & video

Title Year Format Notes
Půlnoc / Midnight 2010 . a documentary by Klára Tasovská / music by BBNU
BBNU Live 2009 2010 DVD-R each DVD-R has a different print and a jewel case design